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Only You

Can Turn My Eloquence to Banality

Mary Mary Quite Contrary...
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The banner on my page was made by me!

I am a sixth-year physics graduate student. I collect quotes, DVDs, and like to buy books second hand. I update when I can (which seems to be mostly when I have lots of work to do). I do check my friends page regularly, and try to comment.

I'm a lover of reading, dogs (mine is a cocker spaniel), cats, pillows, naps, thunderstorms, rainy mornings, hot tea, sweet iced tea (I'm southern :-)), biscuits with butter and honey, coffee, coffee shops, laughing with my friends, watching movies alone, watching a beloved movie with someone who's never seen it before, bread, costume dramas (especially Pride and Prejudice (1995) and North and South (the BBC one))...oh and I guess I should mention physics. I'm an experimentalist!

Feel free to ask me about physics. Ask me about my research, about being a grad student, about my experiments, neutrinos, but ask me how my work pertains to real-world applications and I might have to smack you! (kidding)

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